This is the closest to 2002
May 2024

2024  Playbook
February 2024


Next 3 years belong to India
July 2023

Two Bubbles in One Currency
June 2023

The Scene of Crime
May 2023

China is Cheaper, India is Clearer
May 2023

Height of Clouds, Depth of Mines
May 2023

Real Estate is the Real Bargain
January 2023


Till until Still
July 2022

A Tide is Turning
About:  cloud and ground
January 2022


Second Bite of the Coin
About:  bitcoin
November 2021

The Best Quarter of 2021
About:  different players, same spot
October 2021

Three Cleanest Buys
About: clean & clear
June 2021

Bite This Coin
About: tail & head
May 2021

The Trade That Fits All
About: when value is good for growth
May 2021

Silver Lining Turning Forth
About: two brothers
April 2021

Now Is The Time For Bitcoin
About: Amazon & Bitcoin
February 2021

How Strong The Singapore Dollar Can Get
About: Sing dollar & cycles
January 2021


Does Gold Still Shine?
About: gold & cycles
December 2020

How High Can This Market Go
About: peaks & paths
August 2020

Is this market sell-off done? Part 3
About: reversal & containment
June 2020

Is this market sell-off done? Part 2
About: trends & breaks
March 2020

Is this market sell-off done?
About: probabilities & paths
March 2020

Let's meet there
About: hounds & mounds
February 2020


Is Emerging Cheaper than Developed?
About: super & normal
November 2019

A Dive on the Deep Side
About: surfing & diving
October 2019

Conventional Wisdom
About: bonds & traditions
September 2019

Dissolve. Not solve.
About: questions & solutions
July 2019

Should Investors care about the Economy?
About: economy & stock market
May 2019

Why this is not a Tech Bubble
About: sales & stock price
April 2019

Why Stay Bullish on the US
About: real growth & real rates
February 2019

Seeing is Believing
About: colours & surprises
January 2019


Madiba's Meow
About: worlds & cats
October 2018

Good Old Ways
About: memory & change
August 2018

Stars Around Our Fingers
About: stars & magic
May 2018


The Art of Us, the Science of Ours
About: genes & choice
July 2017

Code's Own Country
About: computers & reality
March 2017


Einstein's Thousand Rupee Note
About: money & time
December 2016

Playing Games
About: innovation & future
August 2016

Virtual Reality
About: growth & perception
May 2016

Who Pays to Save Us
About: earth & us
March 2016

The Strength of Being
About: disease & being
February 2016


Why Violence Doesn't Work
About: violence & reserves
December 2015

Whose Money can I Trust
About: money & trust
November 2015

What Blinds Love
About: fear & greed
October 2015

The Backbenchers
About: technology & access
September 2015

Pin that Pricks
About: inflation & growth
March 2015

Reaching for the Heavens
About: debt & central banks
February 2015


Old Boys' Club
About: oil & race
December 2014

Fingers Crossed
About: QE & DLF
November 2014

Free Lunch
About: China & reserves
September 2014

Age of Smart
About: technology & deflation
July 2014

No Room for Error
About: Sahara & money markets
March 2014


One for the Road
About: OGX & emerging markets
November 2013

Chasing Shadows
About: NSEL & shadow banking
October 2013

The Long Cycle
About: potash & cycles
August 2013

Rupee Hits Record Low; Should it Surprise Us?
About: inflation & deficits
June 2013

Paradox of Saving
About: money & demand
April 2013


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