Who we are

What we seek

How we work


Lodestar Holdings Limited is a holding company, established in 2015, that owns a balanced portfolio of assets, globally. About half of the assets are held directly. The other half are invested through external managers.

Monish Chhabra is its founder, and runs the company with two partners. He has been investing in various forms - funds, companies and derivatives - since 2003. He lives in Singapore, with his wife and three children. His personal page is here.


What we set out to do

Lodestar is run with the purpose of building its investors' capital into life-long spending power for them. Such spending power should be applicable globally and last indefinitely.

The company's financial goal is to keep up with the growth and inflation in the world, while mitigating the market swings. If the stock markets fall by 50%, the Lodestar share value should not fall more than 25%. Over every ten-year period, the Lodestar share value should grow to double.


How we intend to do this

Look for strong business franchises, run by smart capital managers. Each selected manager should have demonstrated ability and integrity. Each selected business should have the strength to stay and grow.

Invest in the most-compelling set of ideas, that fit well together as a portfolio. Bring together different businesses and strategies, across different geographies.

Build a balanced portfolio, of market-related and non-market investments. Re-balance actively among the investments.

Look to stay invested, to benefit from the growth and compounding over time. Keep in sight where the underlying business and its earning power, can be in 5-10 years' time.

Look to buy more, if the price of an investment lags its potential. Plot various paths the price can take, and plan the buying accordingly.

Look to sell, if an investment loses conviction. This may be due to weakening of its franchise, impairment of its earning power, falling confidence in its manager, or a loss of its fit for the portfolio.

Keep alignment high. Run Lodestar on the basis that its shareholders may have most or all of their own liquid investments in Lodestar shares.

Keep costs low. Minimize operational costs, and save fees where possible.

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